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Default What's wrong with kids these days?

I've been paying more attention to kids these days and is it cool or trendy to be dirty, and dumb? I swear it looks like some of the boys haven't brushed their hair in weeks, their face and hair have enough grease to fry french fries. I know some kids will have skin issues, I know this, but some of these kids look like they don't even try. Who in the hell put their outfit together, Ray Charles? What's with boys wearing skinny jeans? Okay lets wear the tightest jeans possible and pair it with a big baggy flannel shirt. lol I don't know about you guys but I NEED a little breathing room. Some of the girls aren't much better, some look like they rolled right out of bed and headed out the door. Why do kids with a full head of hear attempt a "come over" wtf?

I'm sure they are very nice kids but I just don't know what is going on with their looks. Oh yeah, why is it that some of these boys either are, or act like they are dumber than a box of rocks. They walk around with their mouth half open and a DUH look on their face. You ask them a question and as soon as they begin to talk you could swear you are talking to Napoleon Dynamite?


If I just described your kid, I'm sorry... maybe you can better explain it to be, b/c now I feel like I'm the one with the DUH look when I see them... well more like a wtf look

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