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Hi foodfrenzied, I am also in dread of plateauing. I was also doing what you were, about 1300 calories a day, but just past week I learned about calorie zig-zagging that is supposed to prevent or help you break through plateaus. I have done it for about a week (as of tomorrow). Kathie and Michelle (Scndtonun) have also commented on it a lot and may have more experience with it than I do, if you poke around and see the thread on calorie cycling. Basically, you vary out your calories to equal the same each week as you would for 7 days of 1300 (or whatever), but some days you eat well under that and some days well over. This prevents your body from getting in the same routine and prevents your metabolism from adjusting to it (so it would always expect those 1300 calories).

If you Google "zig zag calories," you can get to a website where you put in your height and weight and it will give you a sample of how many calories for each day of the week to maintain, lose slowly, or lose rapidly.

The low cal days are kinda tough...feels like a really strict diet...but the high calorie days are like cheat days and I can get in some foods I ordinarily didn't have the calorie "budget" for.

Check it out if you're interested. Everbody is different and it may work for you; maybe not. Sounds like you're doing great...keep it up!
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