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I can also relate to the chronic pain because I have fibormylgia which makes exercise extremely difficult. Light activity that used to be like nothing for me can now force me to be bedridden for days. But if I don't do some movement, my back and knee go into spasm. I also have IBS so I can relate to that too, J. I know my advice was nothing you haven't heard a million times but I would also like to say just don't go to extremes and choose a plan that will be too hard to follow. I agree with Lizzy: it is trial and error and it will have its ups and downs. But don't give up! Where there's a will there's a way and I know you will find your way, which may not, as Cassie says, be the same as others but which will work for you. I really believe it will happen for you.

And Lizzie I am so sorry to hear of your struggles as well.

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