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Canary--Thank you very much! I agree with Cassie as well. I've been implementing small changes in my diet for a while now but they just don't seem to add up. I still have issues overeating and I've got a massive sweet tooth. I probably try to go to extremes too often, cutting out EVERYTHING I love instead of just cutting back. I decided that for today I am eating no gluten. My sister recommended I try it for a week and I thought that I would focus on it day by day.

I'm glad I don't come across as self-pitying. I probably used to be moreso when I'd just gained the weight and wanted to lay all the blame on the antidepressants. I did have poor eating habits at the time as well, though. And now I just want to take responsibility and change my life, but I do need help and guidance.

My knee was injured 4 years ago and I underwent PT for it for 3 months. I should try all the exercises again because I think the weight I've gained since then has made it worse this year. My doctor's been telling me that I just need to take off some weight in order for it to feel better, and the fact that I'm ruining my KNEES by being this overweight is really sinking in and making it clear that I have got to change things. "Being pretty" isn't enough of a motivator, but when my health and everyday well-being are compromised... I guess it should be obvious to me what I need to do and how much I need to turn things around before it gets any worse.

Thanks for reminding me that it isn't too late to change things! I do often feel like I shouldn't have let my weight progress to this point, or that I should have just turned things around instantly in 2004 and lost the 30 pounds I'd gained, but looking back, I really was clueless at the time and felt powerless to change it while it was happening. And I can't change what I did or didn't do in the past, so I want to change what I do NOW instead. And thank you for rooting for me!

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