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Hey, Scndtonun... I get what you are saying. Sounds like some new creativity from Kathie's site might be what you need. With the recipe calculator in the link I gave, you enter the ingredients (search by name and it puts in the nutritional value automatically), then put how many servings it makes; it calculates total. Like, for instance, I make a chicken pot pie and consider a serving 1/6 of it. Other people may say a serving is 1/4 or 1/'s completely up to you how to put it in. Then you can put it into your Custom Foods here and put in how much you eat. (I know that sounds really confusing, but go to the recipe calculator and try it).

I just try to make modifications and eat with the family. Like tonight, the guys had steak, potatoes, salad; I had steak, brown rice, salad, broccoli. It was only a couple extra things to microwave without changing the whole dinner or being disappointed with a frozen meal (that really would send me for the chocolate!). Or if they want tacos, for instance, I will make a big taco salad for myself. Same food, basically...different format. If there is something that's hard to modify, like pasta, I just plan ahead for it and compensate the day before or after as don't have to just stick to restricting breakfast and lunch on that same day. Or throw in a bit more exercise.

You will probably surprise yourself at what you come up with. Recipes are everywhere. I like to try new ones and we classify them as "keepers," "let's not do this ever again," and "keepers with some tweaking." But you are right, it does take time and effort to find them. You will do it and soon it will be second nature.

Haarvik, great idea about preplanning! I am guilty of leaving dinner till the last minute sometimes also (or forgetting to take something out of the freezer). That can wreck my plan. I should jot down the dinners on the calendar on the fridge; then I can make sure I have the ingredients, that things are thawed, and also can balance my other meals out. Thanks!
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