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Hi! I'm also a new to this and all forums. I am 35 and my starting weight back in the beginning of January was 189.5 (yes, I had to put the .5 in there). Now I weigh 178.5 and feel terrific, only 11 pounds later! I enjoyed reading your posts. I feel like nothing really 'happened' to make me start this, other than I was just sick and tired of gaining weight, eating to cope with life and still not coping very well. So I made the change. The key for me was also to find a physical activity I really look forward to doing everyday - my Kathy Smith videos!! Eating less calories is far easier than I had ever hoped it would be. Because I see results every week, it doesn't take much to motivate me to stay away from the empty calories. I just LOVE losing weight. I don't understand plateaus it really possible to plateau if you are still spending far more calories than you are taking in? Although I feel fairly confident that if I continue this way I will lose all the weight I want to by September, I am in constant fear of plateaus. Should I start a new thread?
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