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Default Would like some ideas from the group, please?

Me: Albie@round, married male, age 58, unemployed and depressed but self-aware and motivated. In September I recognized various symptoms of a pre-diabetic condition and high cholesterol and high BP. I saw my GP and had blood work done that confirmed my suspicions. I met with the staff dietitian to plan out a well balanced diet, which I have followed with resolve.

Starting on October 4th, through December 5th, in eight weeks, I have dropped 35 lbs, from 252 down to 217. For me, the past 63 days have been the easy part. I am trying to find additional motivation and trying to set additional realistic goals so that I can maintain a sustainable disciplined healthy lifestyle. At times, I will admit that I miss my lazy gluttonous ways. Sweets, treats and fatty meats! My biggest fear is comfort motivated or stress motivated binge eating, unhealthy food and huge portions. I am not a huge guy but I assure you that I can pack it away like Adam Richman from the TV show, Man vs Food.

My original goal was to lose 30 lbs by January 15th, 2011. I have achieved that and now I want to do more.
I would like feedback and suggestions for a new goal and ideas for a nice reward for achieving it within the next 40 days. I will entertain all suggestions so please be as open minded and creative as you like. I will report back via the forum as I progress toward my new goal. Letís have fun with this!

The dreaded days of weakness will require our utmost awareness, focus and discipline.
Good luck to all of us. Be strong and donít cave in to temptation
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