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Hi! I am new to this (or any) forums. I have been on the heavy side for all of my adult life - I am a 5' 2" 35 year old female who was 189.5 and was scared to get to 190. Yet, I kept doing the same things everyday, trying to put weight and health out of my mind. I became really depressed (other stresses going on in my life) and started exercising because I didn't want to go on drugs and remembered that exercise had helped me in the past.

I think it is funny how you said something just clicked and you don't know what. I experienced the same thing - I've always known inside that it is about calories in and calories out to lose weight. By now, I don't know how ANYONE who is overweight can possibly not know how to lose it. But for some reason, I never really could get myself to be serious about losing weight for long enough.

Somehow, like you said, it all just clicked around the time I discovered Fit Day. I've been tracking my eating keeping it down to 1250 - 1350 calories a day, and exercising with Kathy Smith videos (I really love her) and it is working!! I have lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks, and am on my way to reaching my goal of 140 in June.

The exercise pretty much cured my depression - although obviously, stress still remains. I can just handle things a lot better when I am active. Now with the exercise, my lower caloric intake is helping me drop the pounds week by week, almost effortlessly! I have never felt this great or confident in my life. For the first time, I don't just think I can possibly lose the weight, I feel like I just KNOW it inside. This time I will reach my goal.

Tracking everything on Fit Day is a lot of fun. That's what was missing for me, I believe.
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