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Default Can someone help me with logging activities like the gazelle??????

Originally Posted by willsoncharly View Post
Hello, I have a gazelle glider I am taking out of the dusty corner today. i know how many calories burned per minutes used. but my question is how do i log it as i cant find a place to customize an exercise and i can find it in the listings of exercise. This is my first day here ............but most definitely not my last.

Results for Gazelle Glider - Light
# Minutes # Calories
1 16
5 79
10 157
20 315
30 472
40 630
50 787
60 (1 Hour) 945

Hi-- Im new to this whole thing, and trying very hard to stick with it but i havent been able to figure out how to log working out on my gazelle on fitday...i tried just listing it as a ski machine but the calories with the time worked out dont match... Can someone pleaseeeee help me?!?!
thanks! Alicia
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