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Question Why arn't I loosing weight?

I started a diet on the 3rd Jan. The first 3 weeks went great - I lost 10lb - but I haven't lost anything for the last 2 weeks. I don't understand why as I haven't changed anything.

I am calorie counting and limiting myself to 1200 calories a day, roughly 200 for breakfast (shreaded wheat or wheatabix with soya milk), 200 for lunch (a very small amount of rice with steamed veg or soup), 500 for dinner (for example noodles, tofu and veg). I also have two 100 calorie snacks during the day (plain soya youghurt, fruit bar or tinned peaches in fruit juice) and a cup of cocoa made with soya milk and sweetner in the evening, which is less then 100 calories.

I am a vegan so find it hard to follow 'diets' as I can never eat the foods suggested, I cook a lot at home so know exactly what I am eating (no hidden fats).

What am I doing wrong? Surely I must be eating fewer calories than I am using but my weight is staying the same, but everything I read says that's impossible!

Can anyone offer any advice?
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