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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Here are a few things I am thankful for. Please feel free to add to the list!

Able to walk more than 50ft. w/o panting for breath.

Able to climb a flight of stairs w/o stopping to rest three times.

No more need for seatbelt extenders.

Able to use the "regular" bathroom stall instead of the "Handicaped" one.

No longer fear the embarassing collapse of folding chairs.

Can now buy clothes at Wal-Mart (they only go up to 3x) instead of costly "Big and Tall" stores that sell 6x and up.

Can fit my entire butt into most chairs with arms instead of perching on the edge.

No longer attract the amazed stares of children and rude people.

Don't have to worry about cracking toilet seats any more.

Can fit into the barber's chair.

Am no longer quite so shy around people with cameras.
Originally Posted by WeightlossBoo View Post
Awesome list Michael, and so very true for so many of us!

I'll add that I'm thankful for;

Being able to visit a supermarket without the temptation to fill my basket with junk food!

Being able to comfortably cross my legs.

Not being restricted to the one shop in my town that did my size.

No longer feeling like I'm good enough for my fiance.

Being comfortable enough again to indulge in certain activities with said fiance... (a'hem)

Not worrying about cracking the shower tray. (I cracked a bath a few years back and it will haunt me forever.)
When people hug me their arms go all the way 'round, not just part way (especially with the kiddos).

Not only can I keep up with the kids, every now and then I out run them.

I can jump out of the shower and grab a towel and wrap it all the way around me, with enough left over to tuck it in and everything is covered.

I used to wear short sleeves year round because my upper arms were hideous and long sleeves made me sweat. Now I have big stack of tank tops for summer, short sleeves for spring and fall and a whole bunch of long sleeve shirts for winter. I even bought myself some sweaters, which I haven't been able to tolerate for years because I was so well insulated.

I used to make my kids "go get this" and "go get that", because I was too lazy/tired/fat, but now I jump right up and race them to get stuff.

Every coat I've owned over the past 10-12 years was some big huge black thing that I bought not for the style, but because it was the only choice available that came large enough to fit me. But not anymore, I went out and found a really nice London Fog wool coat that is not only tailored and fits beautifully, but it's really lightweight and the color is fabulous.

I'm looking forward to the ski season for the first time EVER. I'm even looking forward to buying some new ski pants.

I'm no longer steeped in shame while taking my kids to the pool. I'm even looking forward to buying a new swimsuit, because the 2 I have are getting a tad baggy.

I'm a regular at the gym and every now and then one of the uber-fit types asks me a question or compliments my form or my workout.

mecompco, I don't have any book suggestions for you, but I do know that there are a ton of blogs on people losing weight. I also saw a woman on the Today show that lost 178 pounds and wrote a book called "Half Assed", which I think deals with that issue among others, but I can't say for sure because I haven't read it. I've been reading "Eat This Not That", which has been fairly helpful in terms of teaching me how to make better food choices. I've also been thinking about buying "Thin For Life".
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