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Default "Slow"weight loss

Jen, I think that is good advice. The last time I got serious about losing weight, I took off around 200 lbs in less than a year. You are absolutely correct about the mind-warp this produces. I don't think I ever did adjust and gradually slipped back into old habits. Going from 400 lbs to 184 in about 9 months was just way too fast--it's like you have a totally foreign body with the same brain. I'd look a store windows when I walked by and not even recognize myself.

This time I decided to take a more reasonable approach and try for 2-3 lbs a week, at least for the first 100 (which I've done).

I wonder if there are any good books/web resources about dealing with this type of adjustment--I'd really like this to be my last weight loss journey and want to be mentally well adjusted if I can.


PS Jen, I'm sure you'll have a good weigh-in, I wish I could do it monthly but it's all I can do to make it only once a week.
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