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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Here are a few things I am thankful for. Please feel free to add to the list!

Able to walk more than 50ft. w/o panting for breath.

Able to climb a flight of stairs w/o stopping to rest three times.

No more need for seatbelt extenders.

Able to use the "regular" bathroom stall instead of the "Handicaped" one.

No longer fear the embarassing collapse of folding chairs.

Can now buy clothes at Wal-Mart (they only go up to 3x) instead of costly "Big and Tall" stores that sell 6x and up.

Can fit my entire butt into most chairs with arms instead of perching on the edge.

No longer attract the amazed stares of children and rude people.

Don't have to worry about cracking toilet seats any more.

Can fit into the barber's chair.

Am no longer quite so shy around people with cameras.

Awesome list Michael, and so very true for so many of us!

I'll add that I'm thankful for;

Being able to visit a supermarket without the temptation to fill my basket with junk food!

Being able to comfortably cross my legs.

Not being restricted to the one shop in my town that did my size.

No longer feeling like I'm good enough for my fiance.

Being comfortable enough again to indulge in certain activities with said fiance... (a'hem)

Not worrying about cracking the shower tray. (I cracked a bath a few years back and it will haunt me forever.)
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