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Hi Nora and Denyce...welcome!

Good work, Michael. A pound lost is great when you're off your schedule, which I just found out...

Bit of a rough week for me. It was oddly front-loaded. I was able to work out the first three days of the week, then things fell apart a bit toward the end and while I was out of town. I tried to be careful about what I ate, but I know I wasn't as successful as I would be at home. I was weighing in on Sunday mornings. Just got home from the road, and at 11:30pm the scale says I stayed the same. I suspect if I weigh myself in the morning after taking a comfy seat for a couple minutes the result would be a bit better. Regardless, I'll get on the Saturday schedule starting next week, but for now, we'll call it the end of week one:

DetroitBreakdown: 343

Unbelievably, at 7lbs down, I have many things to be thankful for thanks to my new lifestlye. I'm thankful for:

Energy that lasts through the whole day and no need for naps.

Gaining 4 pairs of pants back from the "too small" pile.

My face looking less puffy.

Moving a notch on my belt.

Taking the stairs again at work without feeling like someone should call an ambulance (had been taking the elevator for the last year).

The money I'm saving not ordering pizzas or picking up fast food.

My girlfriend's genuine support and her excitement in my feeling better in my health and about myself.

I hope everyone has a great week!
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