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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Thank you, Mike. I thought it was funny too. But then again, I had just eaten a whole bunch of candy and might have been a bit punchy from all those carbs! Crazy partier that I am.

BTW, Mike, you do have a good sense of humor and I appreciate that you make the threads very open and easy to feel comfortable on.
thanks, I try but I still seem offend some people.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
The shrub reference went over my head, but maybe a shrubbery?

I really enjoy the off-topic threads also, Mike; thanks! Sometimes I get tunnel vision about the nutrition and the working out; this is a good diversion.

When I get the damn tree up, I'll take a picture. A little behind this year...

*bow to SuperModerator guy*
went over your head? I doubt that! I better not spell it out though. We all contribute to making this fun. No need to bow... yet.
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