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Default Omg

Usually I eat pretty clean and several meals. Well today I got up and had all intentions of being a pig, and I succeed. I went and got a dozen donuts... and I ate 6 of them (1 galzed, 1 cinnamon cake, 1 jelly filled, 1 chocolate covered cake, 1 glazed chocolate donut, and 1 other, I can't remember but I know I enjoyed it) , I would have had more but I do like to practice some self control.

The I spent the day on the water so I went 7 or 8 hours without eating. I picked up a BIG pizza (like New York big, the size of NY state... not NY Pizza) and I just ate 2 slices.

I'm feeling like a champ! I think I may go workout, then stop at Sonic and grab a Butterfinger Blast. That's where the "OMG" comes in... I haven't had one in like 2 months! Wooo Whoo

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