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I'm so sorry that you have to work with such a pain in the behind. Work politics are the worst. In your situation I think the best course of action is to decide if the job is worth hanging on to with or without this person. Do you really want to quit because of some underling that is clearly getting ready to jump ship? You might want to have a nice heart to heart with the manager and let her know what your issues are. And if the assistant is supposed to work for you then don't "suggest" things to her, tell her it needs to be done this way or that way. Right now it sounds as if you are enabling her to be mouthy and push you around. And if she's doing homework when there is work to be done, don't tolerate that. Close her book and remind her that shes not being paid to do homework, and if she doesn't agree the two of you can discuss it with the manager. Some people only respond to firm commands. The other avenue you might look into is to file a formal complaint against her.
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