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Default Venting...

I had a falling out with a coworker today, and my brain won't let it go so I can sleep, so I'm hoping if I let it out, my brain will chill.

She's had an attitude for quite some time, and it's gradually gotten worse over a period of two years. It started today with me asking if we could set up a schedule to empty the shop-vac regularly instead of waiting for it to lose suction, we use it to vacuum the fur off of patients that have just been clipped for surgery. Her answer? "Well, we can't put it on a schedule because we don't know how many dogs we're going to shave in a week". After two minutes of going round and round that this doesn't matter, because if we empty it once a week it won't ever get full, I gave up and wrote a note to myself to remember to do it on my own. Then around lunchtime, I was cleaning up after surgery, which I am not above doing, but she's the assistant and while I was cleaning, she was up front doing her math homework. Our manager is the kind that wants to be everyone's friend, which I try not to take advantage of and it is nice to work someplace that understands my husband's a cop who works odd hours and if the kids are sick or he's in court, I have to leave to take care of them. But the downside is our manager doesn't really have the intestinal fortitude to crack down on this coworker because she wants everything to be fair and everyone to get along, so she's no help. In fact, at 3:00 when we were overscheduled due to an emergency, Dr and I were working appointments while she was in the manager's office with the manager's son going over student aid or applications or something like that, school related, again. Then at 5:00, after mopping the floor, she dumps the mop water down the bath tub, which I don't like because that much hair going down a vital drain can't be good. I asked her not to do that because it clogs the drain, I had written a note on the white board yesterday not to do this because the drain got clogged. It turned into, "well the manager said I could because it never blocked before", I said "well it blocked yesterday, she doesn't know that, it took 15 minutes to clear it and it was pretty nasty", "well we can't dump it outside, it gets icy", "so can we dump it down a run", "You're not my mom, you can't tell me what to do" -that really pissed me off! I said "well, you are my assistant" "I'm also the doctor's assistant, you can't boss me around, [manager] said I could", I lost it, said I was tired of her disrespect and this was the second time today, she said "more like the 15th time, you better stop telling me what to do", at that point I was about to say you don't want to be here, why don't you f'word quit already, but I didn't, I grabbed my keys and my coat, didn't even put my coat on or sign out, and I left. With her yelling at me from the other room the whole way. I feel bad about storming out, but it was either that or descending into cuss words and possibly a fist fight, she is the type that won't back down off of anything no matter how petty. Walking out was the lesser of two evils. She is in school and we just hired a new assistant last week, but I am at my breaking point. I know she's going to quit sooner or later, but I can't take her any more, it's to the point where I've updated my resume, and I've been at that job 8 years. She consistently calls in asking if she's "really" needed, we work with 1 receptionist, 1 doctor and either 2 techs or 1 tech 1 assistant, even on a slow day we need bodies but it's so hard to get her to do anything without bitching that I don't care whether or not she shows up. She called in Tuesday because she was out looking for 3 boys that are missing up here, very bad story, but it gets dark at 5 and her shift started at 5:30. I really don't think I'm out of line here, but I take pride in being a professional and professionals don't peel out of the parking lot in anger.
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