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Originally Posted by vabeachgirlNYC View Post
Welcome to Fitday willsoncharly!

I have a gazelle. I used it when I was recovering from a leg injury. It was no impact which was great. It's also fun!

There is not a built in resistance on mine but there are exercises that you can do on it for RT's.

Calories burned depend on your weight, effort and resistance.

For a 130 pound female going Max Vo2 for 60 minutes, you would burn approx 869 cals, the same as going Max Vo2 for 60 minutes on an elliptical.

For a 180 pound person going Max Vo2 for 60 minutes you would burn approx 1,203 cals.

The gazelle can't handle my Max Vo2. It isn't sturdy enough plus you would have to go for 60 minutes straight without stopping or slowing down. The little tracker that came with it is not accurate at all.

IMO the gazelle is much easier than the elliptical, but I see better results faster from my elliptical.

first newbie dumb question: what is Max Vo2????

as for my gazelle i bought the sturdiest, most advanced has shocks on it so i can change the resistance, with my bad knee i have never gotten it to go to fast but i do get a work out on it. I agree the tracker is not the best but just like my pedometer if i keep using it i at least have an average to know if i am doing more or less. i cant afford a different piece of equipment so i am going to have to make this work.

thanks for the input everyone.
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