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Originally Posted by bbycakes View Post
Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it!

It seems like everyone agrees to do more weight lifting, but the truth is I already AM rather bulky...I have massive huge thigh muscles with a layer of fat over it, so I just look huge and fat in my opinion. If I keep building muscle under the fat, wont it just make me look even bigger?

I want some way to work out and lose weight, and maybe make the muscles leaner too? I have a wide, thick body shape that I really, really dislike.
The weight lifting will help because:
1- more muscle building will increase the amount of calories you burn in a day.
2- you will increase lean mass AND reduce body fat by lifting weights AND doing cardiovascular activity AND eating a balanced diet that fuels your workouts.
3- the muscles will help your body be stronger and reduce your risk of injuries.

As long as you are burning more calories that you are taking in, and you are not on any steroids you are NOT going to get more bulky! No worries!

Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
I don't think you will bulk up, the bulky appearance comes from body fat, not muscle.

Trust me its hard for any women to put on enough pure muscle to make them look bulky. The bulk is from having too much subcutaneous fat (under the skin.)

Muscle is way more dense than fat so even if you are packing on some decent muscle, by the time you get to your desired body fat, you will love the way you look!

Just look at that picture I posted on page 1, if you can't squat as much as her, you won't be bigger either. Muscle size = muscle strength. Not to mention squats are way more effective for getting six pack abs than crunches.

I hope this makes you feel better: there a lot of men out there that love women with curves, not stick figures, so love your body!
I agree!

Goal: 115lbs by January 28th,2011
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