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I guess we just have different experiences. I wanted it bad but the plans I set up were not realistic for me to stay on. Low carb was not something I could stay on, neither were any of the others (cabbage soup diet? really.) For me, calorie restriction and exercise is what works. Yes it takes will and willpower but not everyone who fails on a diet lacks will or willpower. It may just be that what they chose was not the way that worked for them. Most often, this happens because it's too restrictive. People have problems with the word diet because it implies restriction. And most people do not respond well to feeling they have their freedom or choices taken away; that's often why they "rebel" and "cheat" and get discouraged. But you're right, temporary setbacks can and should be overcome.

And speaking as a person who was a 16 year old who thought she was fat and has a 16 year old, I know that you were not implying that their concerns over body image, health and how they feel about themselves are any less important than yours or anyone else's.

Congratulations on your weight loss and your accomplishments. Obviously whatever you did, whatever you called it, worked for you. You stuck with it and made it happen. Good for you!

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