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It is so hard to keep your weight under control as you get older and especially if you have any kind of health issue. I love to exercise but it is physically impossible for me to sustain the levels I would like. Still I am determined to move, as best I can. Rap2 I applaud your awareness and the fact that you turned things around and have accomplished so much.
I also like the common sense approach to eating people on this site are discussing; it seems so much healthier than the years of dieting I've endured (since I was 12, a long time!) My goal is to be like Noelminnici, naturally slim, not obsessed. My friends who are thin generally are not on diets and don't avoid particualr foods; they eat smaller amounts and try to stay active. Despite what we all think, there is no magic bullet, just calories in, calories out. In fact, a couple of years ago, a doctor said exactly this to me.
Fitday is a good tool becasue it does keep you aware and mindfulness is a beautiful (and necessary) thing. But I look forward to the day I can eat sensibly without tracking.
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