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Thanks for your insite. I am older (65) and let my weight go out of control since retirement ( 12 years ago) While working, I had the luxury of a fitness center that I attended daily.With that level of activity, I had no need to watch my food intake so I ate whatever and whenever. While I've tried to adhere to an exceccise regimen again, I've never reached the level o physical activity I had prior to retiring.

Two years ago while playing softball ( something I really enjoy) I suffered many injuries and my level of play was horrible ( aging of course had some bearing on how well you can play ). None the less, I attributed the majority of my problems to excessive weight . I had put on ( about 20 LBS over whayt I weighed at retirement ). I had participated in a couple diet fads ( Low carb etc..) but nothing was sustained. Last year I began tracking calories ( on this site) and the lights wnet on as to how much I was taking in and burning off.

Long story short, I have become aware of my caloric needs and tracked with dilligence, what I eat daily . This site is wonderful means of awarness . I have lost about 25 lBS. My last season of softball was fantastic with many of the younger players ( 30's and 40's) giving me verbal recognition for my level of play . And, I feel a whole lot better !.

Thanks to the liked of "Fit Day" for a great tool !

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