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Default Breaking Recipe Calories Into Single Servings

Originally Posted by MrsRebecca View Post
Help! I just joined FitDay today, but am at a loss as to how to enter recipes and then get the calorie count for one serving. Any help would be appreciated! (Is there a location to get basic "how to" info like this?) Thanks!
I cannot answer your question about a "How To" location. This morning was my first visit here. I, too, was searching for a "Hot To" location.

As for custom recipes:
Today is 2/6 and I am making Oriental Chicken Vegetable Soup. I will click on the "Food" section for 2/7, enter the entire recipe and print the page. When I finish making the soup I will measure the entire amount of cups of soup made. I know I will consume 1 cup of soup. Therefore, if the recipe makes 10 cups of soup and I consume one cup I just use the appropriate decimal (in this case .10) when I enter it on today's page. I also enter the recipe into my custom foods so I do not have to go through this procedure again.

It sounds like a burdensome process, but after a little practice it just comes naturally.
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