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Thumbs up My best diet is no diet - seriously

We shouldn't be 'dieting' we should be changing our lifestyle. Putting a label like 'diet' just throws up too many barriers, negativity, and deprivation on what we can and can't eat, not to mention giving our changed eating habits an end date. If it's good for us then why should it end? Diets are temporary fixes and usually the moment you stop dieting you gain it back all or in part. I've found the moment I stopped calling it a diet it worked. I didn't cut much out, just cut back. I cut back on portions, frequency (no more constant picking at food), and how late I'd eat. I eat at a near-scheduled time, 5 times a day, and can still manage to eat the same food I've always loved. Lunches during the week are usually Weight Watchers Smart-Ones but they have so many to choose from and taste great that I never feel let down.

Thanks to (recommended by my then mother-in-law to-be last year) I have never had such a wonderful success rate and been able to not only take off the weight but keep it off as well. Even on weekends! It's beena little over a year now and I find that even when I don't record my meals I'm still on track from the long-time experience of doing so. I had one month (my wedding/honeymoon month) where a few pounds snuck back on. These are the pounds that get me to the number that usually cause me to give up. Not this time! I just simply got back on track and they quickly fell off back to my wedding weight in no time.

I've even turned on some friends to and one reported losing 20 pounds already!

Don't give up. I've bounced between the same 25 pounds for years but this time I beat it. The minute I saw the weight number that usually scares me into throwing in the towel, I decided not this time and beat it. I still eat take-out and dine in restaurants, and enjoy parties, but all in moderation. I'm fortunate to be in good over-all health so I have no nutritional restrictions or cautions, but still am careful about choosing how often to eat these foods. Usually choose one only one splurge of the above once a week, but don't panic if it's two or three times due to the holidays. I just eat smarter.

I've made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving with great success.... with NO DIET in my vocabulary or my life.

Thank you fitday!
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