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I'm the queen of budget meals and it does not get any cheaper than homemade, for the same price as a single foot long Subway sandwich you can make a dinner for 10. It's not gourmet, but then again neither is Subway, right? I do a lot of stocking up when things go on sale and we rarely let anything go to waste.

Fast is another problem, but for those nights when the kids are going in 10 different directions and in the midst of getting my children out the door, the parents I babysit for are arriving to pick up their kids, it's like being at a zoo where all the animals have been let loose. Yeah, on those nights the "crock pot" is often my safety net. Now my crock pot is big, like 4.5 quarts or something (but I'm cooking for a small pink army), but you can get these really nifty little ones now, 1 quart maybe, and I want to say they are very inexpensive like $12-15? My in-laws have one in their camper and they love it.

We also use leftovers frequently, in fact many of the recipes I use for cooking are prepared with leftovers in mind. My kids love a thermos full of hot leftovers for lunch, especially when it's cold out. I'm also a firm subscriber to the "30 minute meal". The funny part is that until Rachel Ray came on TV with her show, it never occurred to me that there was really any other kind of meal, my mother certainly never taught me to cook any meal that took longer than 30 minutes. Who knew? And I would argue that you can't go out, buy food and get it home in less time than it takes to prepare a 30 minute meal. Now get cooking.
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