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Question Hi, please don't judge, I just really need support

Hi, I'm Lea and I'm 19.

I know that I am not 'that' big, but for me, I am so uncomfortable in my own skin and I just need support losing 5-10 pounds.

Here's my story: for years I was always super thin, I am 5'2 and since high school my weight ranged from 81-98 pounds, usually depending on how much exercise I was doing. I have been a dancer and a petite model, so I am used to my body being thin. I think I am most comfortable at around 95 pounds, because I am small boned my body looks thin but healthy at that weight. I think I was too thin when I was in the eighties.

About 2 months ago I increased my exercise a lot, adding weight training and more dancing, and my weight has gone up by a lot. I exercise for at least 3 hours a day. My appetite is enormous and I started binge eating and I am now 106 pounds. I am so uncomfortable. I know that's not a big number and a lot of people would be happy to be there, but it feels obese to me.

I have mainly gained the weight in my thighs... my upper body has stayed slim but my legs look huge and disproportionate to my torso and I hate looking at them, especially since I am always having to wear tights and short workout shorts.

Can someone please give me some support? I just want to lose a little and I need motivation and just to know that other people are in the same place as me.


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