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I agree with the hypoglycemia. It runs in my family. You'll only test positive in the middle of an episode, I self diagnosed it too. I have a diabetic friend, and he tested me at 57 when I felt like that. My hospital tests have all been "within normal" but fasting it's usually 62-65 and they don't count you hypoglycemic until below 60. Based on my symptoms I say that's close enough. If I don't eat the second I feel the shaky/weak feeling, it quickly becomes wicked tension in the back of my neck and shoulders, and within 10-15 minutes I'll have a migraine. Cutting out sugar, artificial sweeteners (esp. aspartame/Nutrasweet) and eating more protein really helps me a lot. I read somewhere that in some people, nutrasweet causes an insulin spike because it tastes sweet and the body is expecting sugar, but the sugar isn't there so it causes a crash. That's what I feel like if I have more than a half can of diet pop. Skipping meals is guaranteed to be a problem for me, particularly breakfast, and when I make adjustments to my calorie count, I don't go down by more than 250 calories per day because it'll mess me up.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

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