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Welcome aboard Charlotte, you sound like my kind of company. I'm going to second that invitation to join the 100+ ladies club, it's called "Downright Delightful in December", and there are lots of people making it happen on that thread. I saw another 100 pound thread started today that is unisex and that one should be interesting too.

Advice on the Gazelle, my elliptical machine (which I think is similar?), is strategically located between the refrigerator and the couch. We used to call that room "The Dining Room", now the kids call it "The room where mommy works out". And it is smack dab in the middle of the house on the first floor. It took the "hidden in the basement" aspect out of my workout and put it in the center of my life where everyone can see it. Crazy? Maybe. On the other hand, it's working for me.
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