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Default Hey, I want to find myself beautiful.

I could say I just wanted to lose the weight to be healthy but it is really not just about being healthy. Do not get me wrong, I am a vegetarian, I work out, do yoga, live an active lifestyle but at this point I am just maintaining my weight.

I have had a low-self esteem since puberty since I was an early bloomer and I got my mothers large hips while the other girls stayed seemingly normal. It has always bothered me, but I am starting a new chapter of my life with an amazing man and I want to love myself. I wanna worry about bills, not about not being able to fit in my pants.

I found this website today and decided to try it. It is hard getting weight loss support from a significant other that says you are perfect. I know he thinks I am beautiful but this is not about him.

I need support.

Its nice to meet you.
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