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Thanks for starting this, Michael. It's going to be a long, 190lb journey ahead for me, and I can only wish it's as fulfilling as my first two and a half weeks have been, and that I have something like your and Boo's success.

My limited highlights are in my signature, but I hope to have an epic story to tell by the time I'm done.

I'm really glad there's an experienced community to reach out to when the inevitable tough times come.

Be well,

Starting: 11/14/2010, 350 lbs (Yikes!)
Current : 03/31/2010, 295 lbs
Starting:1/20/2012, 335 lbs
Current: 2/10/2012 324.4 lbs
Goal 1: 302 lbs 04/01/2012 April Fools 10% Challenge
Goal 2: 271 lbs 07/04/2012 4th of July 10% Challenge
Goal 3: 247 lbs 10/01/2012
Ultimate Goal 160 lbs 05/31/2013
Lost: 10.6 lbs
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