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Default The Official Unisex 100+ Pounds to Lose Thread

By popular demand, here is the Official Unixex 100+ Pounds to Lose Thread.

I prefer to weigh in on Saturday mornings, but to each his/her own!

Here's the highlights of my history so far:

May 4th 400++ lbs. (my scale's limit is 400 lbs--wearing Levis size 60!)
June 19 393 lbs.
July 31 370 lbs.
Aug 21 356 lbs.
Sept 26 339 lbs.
Oct 30 329 lbs.
Nov 25 311 lbs. (Wearing Levis size 46 :-)

This is a great place to support one another--with all due respect to everyone else here (and I appreciate all of you), only those who have walked (painfully) in our shoes can fully understand the challenges of having 100, 200 or more pounds to lose.

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