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Originally Posted by Lizzycritter View Post
"Put the fork down, fattie" people are not tolerated here, period. So don't worry, you won't find that attitude here.

The only place you can start is the place you find yourself in now. Welcome to the forums I do a LOT better when I plan what I'm going to eat in advance. I usually only manage to do that a day or two at a time, a week is overwhelming so if you can do that, I'm impressed.

I'd also like to add the 100+ ladies are a fantastic group, they start a new thread every month. You should check it out.
Lizzycritter, thank you.....I was just sitting here trying to figure out what meal planning was....and see there is not a place in FitDay to do meal planning. A couple days at a time might be the smarter way to start.......thank you for your thoughts and your welcome.
eight pounds a month, 2 pounds a week til i get to goal

Starting: 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs (Yikes!)
Current : 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs
Lost: 0 lbs

Goal 1: 282.5 lbs 04/30/2011
Goal 2: 242.5 lbs 09/30/2011
Goal 3: 202.5 lbs 02/28/2012
Goal 4: 162.5 lbs 07/31/2012

final goal to be
Goal 6: 154.5 lbs 08/30/2012
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