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Welcome..... I am new here also. I refuse to pay for the gym because I know that at 0 degrees outside i will not go get in the car and drive to a gym but i am getting out my gazelle glider today from its dusty corner and i am going to start using it daily no matter how i feel, no matter how cold it is outside, no matter who or what is going on. I AM GOING TO DO IT!
eight pounds a month, 2 pounds a week til i get to goal

Starting: 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs (Yikes!)
Current : 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs
Lost: 0 lbs

Goal 1: 282.5 lbs 04/30/2011
Goal 2: 242.5 lbs 09/30/2011
Goal 3: 202.5 lbs 02/28/2012
Goal 4: 162.5 lbs 07/31/2012

final goal to be
Goal 6: 154.5 lbs 08/30/2012
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