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Default I have to do something now!!!!!!

I was brought to this page this morning from a new friends page. I am always looking for something that will get me going.....I have gone and registered at FitDay and started my journaling as well.

I have been FAT for years and have been trying to loose it for just as many. I have been a member of a weight loss group for years and the leader of that same group for the last 5 years.....i feel like a yoyo in my weight loss travels. I ...know what to do....i tell my members every week what we should be doing and then i leave the meeting and it all goes out the windows. I have done it before at one point I had lost 50 pounds was walking three miles a day then i got very sick with a lung issue. I know this has to be done by me but i also know i need support and help from friends and family. I know how much better i feel when i get my butt moving...but it is getting that butt moving that i am having trouble with.

this is my pledge to myself, my family and my friends:
step one
get out gazelle glider and find a spot to put it so that i WILL use it daily

step two
food plan for the week, (breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks) and stick to it.

step three
tell my family and friends what i am doing and why i am doing it.

step four
get going NOW!

I am sure some of you are thinking this is a lot of personal info for my first stop at this page but I have to do something and the more people i tell what i am doing the better......if you are looking for a friend to help you get through this life change and to be accountable for.......message me....... If you are one of those people that think i should just get out of my chair, get off my fat ass and quit eating.....this message is not for you and i don't need to hear your opinion.

eight pounds a month, 2 pounds a week til i get to goal

Starting: 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs (Yikes!)
Current : 12/01/2010, 322.5 lbs
Lost: 0 lbs

Goal 1: 282.5 lbs 04/30/2011
Goal 2: 242.5 lbs 09/30/2011
Goal 3: 202.5 lbs 02/28/2012
Goal 4: 162.5 lbs 07/31/2012

final goal to be
Goal 6: 154.5 lbs 08/30/2012
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