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I agree with all the previous posts, but I want to add from personal experience, the yoga is a GOOD thing and I hope you follow through with it. For one, alternating workouts does a lot more for you than the same exact routine every day ever will. I have joint issues, and I cannot tell you how much of a difference regular deep stretching does to make me feel better. A good yoga/meditation routine relieves my pain better than vicodin, and that's no lie. It also gets you in tune with your body, allows you to focus on individual body parts and really FEEL what you're doing. Watching tv while mindlessly trotting on the treadmill doesn't do this. The deep relaxation at the end is the reward, don't skip it or shortchange it. Breathe deep and exhale all the stress in your life, and you'll sleep better and recover faster.

Two weeks is not enough time to judge anything. It's barely enough time to start feeling like you aren't going to die during cardio. Stick with it, the results will come.

Also if it hurts, don't do it, especially where your injury is concerned. There's a difference between feeling the burn and being in pain. Burn is good, pain is bad.
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