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Not really a criticism of a specific diet, but I'm always bothered by ads for "food-like products" (as author Michael Pollan puts it). Like Lizzy, rpmcduff and almeeker implied, I can't believe some of the stuff that passes muster as "part of a balanced diet".

*sarcastic voice* A tiny number of teeny cardboard cookies with imiatation chocolate chips in a foil package? It may be pumped full of chemicals, but its a calorie controlled portion! Some rubbery licorice? It may be almost nothing but sugar and stabilizers, but its free of saturated fat! Frosted sugar bomb breakfast cereal? Now made with whole grain and enriched with the very same vitamins that were removed during the massive processing required to make it palatable to your undernourished hyperactive kids!

Sorry for the rant, but I truly do not understand why people are so grossed out by the thought of eating something with less than 5 ingrediants in the list. As much as I hate ads, I would welcome a commercial for the lowly apple, some plain ol' brown rice, and so on...

Aside from that, the shake weight commercial is always good for a laugh!

Edit: Oh! Also those butt-shaping shoes and clothes! As if the models in the commercial attained that body from strange-looking shoes! Shoes! Now, I'm not saying they wouldn't encourage an otherwise inactive person to get movin', but any product that so many companies are cashing in on simultaneously seems pretty suspect in my book...

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