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Hey bbycakes,
I just wanted to second what's been said and throw out a book recommendation. Based on personal experience (I'm not associated with the book in any way), I'd encourage you to check out The New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler. It clearly and logically lays out the information that other folks have already shared (more protein, more weights, replace steady-state cardio with HIIT, keep eating, have patience). If you're like me, no matter how many times you hear even the most valuable and heartfelt suggestions/tips/recommendations, it doesn't really sink in until you've seen a "big picture" argument for WHY you should do something. This book did that for me.

I can virtually guarantee that the argument for a different fitness routine layed out New Rules will turn your workout upside down. Not only does it explain why hours of cardio might be impeding your efforts, but it also lays out plenty of high-protein/clean-eating meal ideas, gives an easy-to-follow workout schedule, and explains various strength and conditioning exercises in detail.

Even of your fitness goals do not match the book's "plan" precisely, there's still plenty of great information. In my experience, there's hardly anything that changes your perspective more than going form 10+ hours a week in the gym to 4 hours! Might be worth a trip to your local library...

In any case, I salute your efforts thus far -- you certainly have a great deal of drive and motivation and I think that's more than half the battle!
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