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Originally Posted by dol/rent View Post
That is fantastic PATH75!! I just joined FitDay and need some inspiration.
I am 5' 1/2 " and at 56 years old have to get this weight off. I weigh 159.2 (160 lbs) and am at 40% fat. That's a lot of fat!! I am taking a small goal of 10% of my weight ... that is 16 lbs. But most of all I want to get toned and drop my body fat.
I am doing a Low Carb but keeping my calories at about 1400 and carbs near to 20-30 grams. (my sugar runs high and am pre-diabetic). I do exercise. I am using the Body For Life program. So Mondays Upper Body Work Out Tuesdays: Cardio Wednesday: Lower Body Work Out Thursday: Cardio etc. Some days I have great energy and some days I am draggin.
Any suggestions would be helpful.
The only advice I can give is to keep working at it. It took me six weeks to start losing weight. I look at my weight loss as a work in progress and a life style change. You will eventually find something that you can do the rest of your life. One thing that was different was that I did more cardio in the beginning to get my metabolism moving so you may want to do more cardio then work in the toning after a few weeks. I started out walking, it is an easy exercise and most people can do it. I walked twice a day started with a half mile, to a mile and I worked up to two miles twice a day. Good luck and you can do anything you set your mind to do!
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