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I have been a member logging food off and on for years. Lost 70lbs with the site, but I never went to the forums simply because I thought they were a pay feature. Two days ago I realized they weren't. And two days ago I came back to record my food & activities after gaining my weight back from not maintaining properly.

I have been going to the boards for two days, reading them. I left one post in one of them already.

Basically, like someone else said, you get what you put into it. And we probably do lose a lot of people from 'prettier' better features sites. I signed up for sparkpeople, but I never went back because I feel like this one is simple and no BS. I'm just so used to it.

You're basically on her for yourself if your motivated, determined, and serious about losing weight. Diets are not easy. I said I was going on a diet so many times and went off of it throughout the year. I have to be serious now... a wedding is good motivation. So thats part of why I'm back, for that and myself.

Goodluck you guys!
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