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Default @thomasbarnes

Congratulations on starting. If you keep at it, you WILL be successful.

For breakfast, I like eggs and usually scrambled two eggs with onion, pepper and mushrooms (maybe some shrimp - you can get them frozen) and a few slices of bacon (strip or Canadian). Try them with low fat refried beans and some veggies with cheese. The key thing is to avoid starches, simple carbs, and sugar at all costs. In Phase I, any kind of meat is best for breakfast -- just each last night's leftovers . I did not try protein drinks or shakes.

Age: 56
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Starting Weight: 250 pounds (8-07-2010)
Goal: 215 pounds (12-31-10)
Achieved Goal: 215 pounds (11-25-10) Lost 40 lbs.

Current Weight 215 pounds (11-29-10) -- survived Thanksgiving.
New Goal: 210 pounds (12-31-10)
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