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Thank you for your words of advice - it's the motivation part I have a problem with. I'm one of those people whom, if she doesn't have a "buddy" to run toward to goal with, it's hard to just push through. Inside me would be an option, though I really wouldn't know where to begin, since it feels so empty. Oh, I would be the first one to go see a doctor but I lost my job not long ago, don't have government or other health insurance, so I'm kinda out of luck on that front My regular doctor, though, has agreed to charge me half of her office call fee if I ever decide to see her for something...but I can't even afford that right now, so I just pray that I find a new job soon!!

You know? As I read your note I kept saying bigger and bigger OMIGODs because you hit the nail on the head on some things you couldn't have possibly known about b/c I've not told anyone (of course). The hypothyroidism is one of them - I've been actually diagnosed w/it. Then, I'm also allergic to wheat, dairy (which I did mention) & oranges (which I adore). What ARE probiotics? I'm unfamiliar with this. Thanks for the advice on how to start...Yogurt should be no problem b/c I like it, but how do I know what has gluten? As you can see, I'm rather ignorant when it comes to food components... As I told vsabino w/regard to the doctor, it's indeed as you suspect. Just waiting for a new job so I can go see one again.

Thank you BOTH for your support, I'll probably be seeing you around here!

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