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Originally Posted by SisterJen View Post
Thanks, When was Canada's Thanksgiving, and do you all celebrate with turkey also?
You're welcome!

The thing I like about our Thanksgiving is we have a bigger break between it and Christmas, so we get a chance to work off the extra pounds. Our Thanksgiving is always on a Monday mid-October.

I like the fact you guys have the Thursday (if you can have the Friday ) is nice to have a longer weekend.

We do the turkey thing but the French-fried onions and green bean dish isn't as common, although some do it...Sometimes we have ham since we also eat turkey for Christmas.

At my house we buy a turkey roll since we have a smaller family. If we have guests, we buy a bigger roll. They are usually really good and there are a lot less leftovers (I'm okay with a day or 2, not a week) and clean up. I started buying them because I had a wonky oven and now we prefer them.

I usually served smashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, turnip and a green vegetable...sometimes a green salad. I make my own cranberry MIL likes the canned cranberries but I don't...too much sugar. I like eating the rest of it on toast like jam, the next morning or two.

Hope you all had a good day yesterday!
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