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Default Yes! Me!

I'm your buddy! I just turned 42 and started with 30 lbs to lose. Currently I have 22 to go, and I know without any doubt that carb addiction is my biggest problem. Really, when I get going on refined carbs I can't stop. I stopped cold turkey on the 15th, and also started watching my calorie intake, and have dropped almost 9 lbs since then. Of course most of it is water, but I am pleased and know I am going in the right direction.

I don't completely cut out carbs, but I stick to whole grains (like in South Beach phase 2) and make sure to balance any carbs with proteins (which is explained, I think, in the insulin resistance diet book....I'll have to check on that one). Fruits don't seem to set me off, so I don't aviod fruit at all.

The good thing is, now that my blood sugar is stabilizing, I have a lot more "will power" (or, a lot less craving due to poor blood chemistry!) and I can have a small slice of cake and not feel like I need to have 2 or 3 more...

Today for breakfast I made an omlet (one egg white, one whole egg) with one slice of ham and one sauteed tomato in it. It was delicious, filling, low-carb, and 200 cal!

What low carb diet are you following?
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