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Dear Mirage59,

I am a RD and glad to see you're using FitDay. My husband discovered it a year ago. I tried Weight Watchers this past spring but was frustrated by the amount of work (the same as FitDay) with much less information. It's nice to see how your calorie balance is at the end of the day.

I use to recommend to patients to avoid weighing every day, but after going to an adult weight loss certification class I totally changed my mind and bought a good scale. Now I weigh very regularly. We studied research that followed successful weight loss stories that were 5yrs+, after all isn't that the purpose of weight loss? Too many diets tout great success stories, but they are usually only 1yr successes. Visit them 2-5yrs later and they've gained the weight plus. Here are the common thread these success stories shared:
1. weight daily so there are no surprises.
2. stay with low fat diet.
3. exercise 60-90 minutes cardio 6/week.

So these are people that have changed their life style. I would look at your diet, and that means YOUR personal diet and make changes here and there to lower the fat or lower the quantity. The typical diet plan people view as only temporary. "I'll just stick with the plan until I loose the weight I want and then I can go back to my old ways...." I've heard so many people say, "Just give me a diet and I can follow it...", but they're are usually so restrictive the person that handle misery only so long.

I would also recommend a food diary. So much of weight loss is psychological. I'd say it's 80% of the process. Keep a diary, or use the FitDay journal to log how you felt before and after "falling off the wagon". Also log what you were doing. Learn about yourself and how you think.

Keep it up girl. I'm soooooo proud of you! Remember every day is a new day. The past is the past. Look forward!
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