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I second Greek yogurt! I was shocked when I first bought has 14-15 g of protein per 6 oz. cup! Plus I like that it doesn't have the artificial sweeteners and is thicker and more satisfying than the dessert-flavored yogurts that are all over the place now. I usually eat the vanilla (110 cals); the fruit flavored ones are about 140 cals.

I also like Cabot's reduced fat cheese (you can get 50% reduced fat or 75% reduced fat). 60 cals per ounce.

I eat Special K Protein cereal as well (10 grams per serving), but it really jerks my chain that they put high fructose corn syrup in a cereal that touts itself as being great for dieters.

*Sorry, I put the angry guy in the wrong place and I can't figure out how to move him! He is supposed to be after the Special K soapbox...
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