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Smile candida

I'm new on this site but not new to the Candida problems. I did not want to do the Candida elimination diet because it is so restrictive. I started reading labels and found that just about every prepared food has yeast or yeast extract in the ingredients. A friend who is also a pharmacist was very familiar with the condition and he suggested I try a good probiotic. I started with about 5 billion CFUs for a month and then I went to a local healthfood store and purchased the refrigerated kind that contains 35 billion CFUs and about 14 different strains. It is a Nature's Way brand - Primadophilus Optima $29.99for a months supply, 1 capsule a day. I have been on it for about 3 months and although I do watch my carbs, sugar and alcohol intake I am finally getting some relief. Well worth $30 a month. This works for me but everyone is different and may need a different type of probiotic. Just wanted to share my success.
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