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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
thanks for posting this. I was just saying that I wanted to make my own peanut butter. What does the honey do to the taste?
Honey adds a touch of sweetness. At Girl Scout Camp, we used to call it Poh Butter in honor of Winnie the Poh who loved his honey. Anyway, I find it much more palatable for sandwiches than just the ground peanuts by themselves.

Note, the ground peanuts are organic and dry roasted only. There are no additives - no salt, no oil and certainly no high fructose cornsyrup. I don't know about yours, but my palate is so messed up from decades of eating brand name peanutbutters that spreading plain ground peanuts on a piece of multi-grain bread or toast tasted a lot like I imagine drywall with a liberal spread of spackle would taste like. But add a bit of honey and viola! it's delightful all over again.

Glad this was helpful to you. I'll provide more custom food researches as time goes by.

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