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You are right - it is up to you. I know it helps me to record what I eat and what exercise I do - it really motivates me to exercise more. The one thing I have to warn you about though - Don't get too discouraged if you don't lose weight at the beginning - especially if you are exercising. You know if you are losing weight without the scale telling you! Your clothes fit differently and you feel differently! Pick a pair of pants that are just a bit too tight (not the size 2 pants you've been keeping for years in the back of the closet hoping to get into one day). They should still do up but when you look in the mirror you know they are too tight for work. Keep these on hand and in two weeks when you are getting discouraged, try them on again.

Also, I always find a tape measure a little more motivating then the scale. I find the scale seems to go up and down in a 2 lb range forever! For me, my hips and thighs are my 'trouble' spots so it is nice to see these go down even a little! If you belong to a gym, I find classes are easier and more motivating then working out on my own. At my gym, a lot of the classes use small weights and bars so I do get some weight work. If you don't belong to a gym and it is not possible to join one, set your alarm an hour earlier each day and get out and walk. When that is not enough for you, then walk a minute, run a minute but the most important is to keep going. Use stairs at work if you can, park at the very back of the lot and walk. Small things add up. Whatever you do, try to keep moving at night and not sitting on the couch as you will likely eat at that time. For a couple of weeks, set a goal of a room a night to clean up - if you are cleaning, you are not thinking of food and not eating. You also have the benefit of a clean house! Soon you will no longer have the night cravings - it is just getting over that hump so keep busy!

Good luck! Make your own plan and stick to it! I'm not sure how old you are but I do know that the older you are, the slower it is to lose but I also think it is just as important in my 50's to look good as it did in my twenty's.
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