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I've taken a bit of everyone's input into perspective, and have integrated it into my plan. And I'm happy where my plans are at now

This weekend wasn't a particularly strong start, but I knew it was a party weekend going into it. On top of the beer and liquor though, I was still able to remain at a caloric deficit of about 500, even though I know my nutrients were from the wrong places. I even took my Saturday workout off to allow recovery from the x amount of days I did exercise in a row, and I hope to have my first shot at the 5x5 on Monday or Tuesday.

I have a primary question to challenge in this post. Since I've brought my caloric intake up, I've been eating more (duh). But what I find myself doing is eating very little in the morning, for fear that I will fill up my calorie budget to early.

The following scenario is what I project to be the average day for me without any further advice.

I end up at maybe 500 calories on the day by evening, because this is for fear that I'll fill up my calorie budget too early.
Then I have dinner at about 7pm which raises my calorie count to between 1200-1500.
After dinner is usually when I would do my calisthenics to utilize dinner's protein. A few hours later at around 11 or so, I have a snack with some protein to supplement my calisthenics, and carbs for the energy. This brings it to 1400-1700 calories on the day.
An hour or two after my snack is my 1h10m of spot jogging, after which I have another snack, because I know that I'm still too deficient. This would bring me up to 2100 calories tops (I've upped my ante to between 2000-2200 calories a day, because according to this weekend, I am still losing weight with that many a day. Once again, spot on, 01gt4.6)
At about 3 in the morning or so, I'll hit the hay for at least 8 hours, and repeat the next day (maybe alternate calisthenics between calisthenics, gym, and rest day)

So I have myself at what I'm pretty sure is a healthy deficit, but the apparent issue is that I'm receiving the bulk of my nutrients within 5 or 6 hours of each other. This doesn't sound like it's too healthy for me, but then I consider my late lifestyle. Most of my incoming nutrients are consumed in a close window before and after my workouts. Would this be more/less/somewhat ideal? I don't think I do this on purpose, but if I know exactly why I should or shouldn't be doing this, it'd be a constant reminder to me throughout the day and sway my habits.

Also running through my mind, and I apologize if anyone takes offense to the subject, but I've only recently started to indulge in marijuana. I was wondering, ALL other health concerns aside please, if this happens to play a role in weight loss? I've already given up munchies, so that shan't be a problem! Frankly, on October 14th when I was sitting around high and decided that I'm going to get my army body back, I made my first log on Fitday and began exercising frequently. And I've logged every day since then. No, I'm not endorsing pot as a miracle weight loss tool..... but hey, if it weren't for that batch, I might still be wearing that big gut I had a month ago
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